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Our Community and Art Centre Gallery is supported by volunteers from our local community and we provide a high quality environment and a choice of spaces either in the Teifi  room, Tyweli room or in the covered balcony area. Every room has a professional hanging system. Each space is a different size so we would suggest that if you require an accurate measurement, please feel free to contact us to arrange a day and time to take your own measurements. We also have a fully functioning kitchen with a small fridge and microwave for your use. We ask people to make donations for tea/coffee if using our stock or to cover our costs for the use of electricity.

The centre is set up for you to exhibit and invigilate your own exhibition. We are not able to offer a card or pay machine for any sales payments direct to artist but you are welcome to bring your own. Wi-Fi available.  The rooms are suitable for workshops, talks and demonstrations. Tables, and chairs are all available on request.

For further details call Penelope Clark 01559 384 849 or email

Please ask to see our terms and conditions prior to booking.
Download the Agreement below as PDF file, (ar gael yn Gymraeg hefyd).

Pwerdy - Powerhouse Art Gallery Hire Information

Floor plans of the Pwerdy-Powerhouse

Publicising your event

When you hire the Pwerdy-Powerhouse you are responsible for publicising your event / course / workshop / exhibition.

However if you send your information to us we can help with your publicity by placing it on our website, our social media pages and via our e-newsletter.  
Please provide the information in both Welsh and English. If you need help translating let us know, we will help you.
Information we need: 
  • Title: of your course / workshop / event / exhibition:
  • Date(s):       
  • Opening time:                                                                           
  • Closing Time:
  • Contact details for bookings and further information: 
  • Cost of event:
  • Description: (This is what we will use to put on our website etc) 
  • Images:
    • Please send an image (jpg, pdf, png).  Something which illustrates your event, a poster is fine.
    • The image should be at least 1920 pixels wide and 72dpi but if it is a higher resolution and bigger in size we can use that. (We can always make big images small, but never make small images big). 
Please email to at least 2 weeks before the start of your event.

Download the Publicity form here.

Photos from the Spring Show 2022