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Rural Lives - Art Exhibition by artist Sue Dewhurst

Paintings exploring agricultural heritage, barns, farming, livestock and people - the essence of rural life.
Also introducing the Owd Lasses and Lads studies of older, cheeky characters often overlooked in modern society, but still with a lot to say!
Exhibition open 10 am – 4 pm Saturday 21st May – Sunday 29th May 2022
Come along and have a chat - a warm welcome awaits.

Artist Sue Dewhurst is exhibiting her latest work Rural Lives. Having recently relocated back to Wales from North Yorkshire where she became known as ‘that barn painter,’ Sue has been busy exploring the agricultural heritage of the area, its similarities and differences to the Yorkshire Dales. Sue explains ‘there aren’t many Cow ‘Us’s here, the stone barns synonymous with the Dales, but I’m loving the Dutch Barns, Welsh pigs and lack of drystone walls, which were time consuming to paint! I’ve also been surprised and extremely grateful for the welcome from the farming community, who have supported me in my research and gone a long way to make this exhibition happen.’

When Sue arrived last May a warm welcome came in the form of Teifi Evans who popped by to meet Sue and her family after they had moved into Maesllyn. As Teifi said ‘a lot can happen over a cup of tea and a slice of cake’ because he invited Sue to come along to his farm and make studies of his livestock as part of her research for this exhibition. He taught her about the long line of Welsh pigs he and his family have bred for years and about the cattle he breeds too. Soon other farmers became interested in what Sue was attempting, her neighbour and friend Norman Smart invited Sue to the cattle auction in Newcastle Emlyn. Agricultural consultant Anna Bowen has also helped with technical knowledge and been a wealth of support too.    

Sue is keen to explore rural life ‘part of why I paint the images I do is to highlight the need to support local small scale farming. If we want the countryside to remain a viable, thriving and beautiful landscape and not end up one huge ‘super factory-farm’ we all have to do our bit. I hope in some small way my work makes people aware of the need to support local farming, be that buying sustainable organic meat, going to farmers’ markets, eating more locally produced seasonal  produce, whatever your food preferences may be, I think we can all play our part.’

The art exhibition ‘Rural Lives’ will be held at Pwerdy Powerhouse, Chapel Street, Pontwelly, Llandysul SA44 4AH Saturday 21st May – Sunday 29th May 10 am – 4 pm daily.
 Sue extends a welcome to everyone and especially the farming community to pop by and say hello and is always keen to hear stories about family farms through the generations.
Contact: Sue 01239 851615