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Gitan at the Pwerdy-Powerhouse

Git®n Profile image with logo over TRA BO DAU album cover painting by Maria HayesGitân
Rajesh Davies & Stacey Blyth

Saturday March 9, 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm)
Classical Indian poety and ragas, tradition Welsh song, harmonium and harp are all delicately dropped into a magical cauldron to re-emerge as something achingly beautiful and sublime.

Tickets £10 / £8 available from Siop Ffab, Llandysul or on the door.

Gitân press release bilingual

The music of Gitân is a walk with two friends between two worlds, each holding the musical thread of their native or adopted homelands and bringing them together to create a beautiful sonic story tapestry. The two friends are singers, musicians and composers Rajesh David and Stacey Blythe. Rajesh was born in Mumbai. He came to Wales, learned the language and has made his home in Lampeter, West Wales. Stacey was born in Birmingham and came to study music in Cardiff. She learned Welsh and raised her family speaking Welsh. She has made Cardiff her home.

Gitân make new material with poetic threads of Hindi, Welsh, Urdu and Sanskrit…with sung threads of classical Indian vocal styles and folk songs from Wales… and with instruments that do not normally dance together - Indian harmonium and Celtic lever harp. Epic classical poetry in Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit sits next to, and falls into personal, tender, domestic folk songs from Wales. The colours blur, the differences melt away, and we begin to sing and share the songs and music from these diverse cultures with one sonic voice.