Pwerdy-Powerhouse - News Story


2 day Colourful Basket Willow Weaving Workshop

This two-day willow weaving course at Pwerdy Powerhouse will teach you the skills to make a colourful round basket with lid, ideal to use as a wool or craft basket.

There will be a range of colourful willows to achieve the design shown in the photo to weave the sides and lid.

What you will learn:

– How to make a round stake and strand base
– How to add willow stakes for the sides
– A range of weaving strokes to complete the side – 3 Rod-Wale, English Rand, French Rand, German Wale.
– A 4-rod border to finish the base basket
– How to weave a lid for the basket and add a willow piece as a handle

Thick willow will be provided to use as a lid handle but please feel free to bring a small piece of driftwood if you prefer.

Full details and booking on the West Wales Willow website